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3 Awesome Product Photography Ideas to Sell More and More

1. Create a scene

This is a big area to cover, so let’s start here first! When photographing your product, it’s important to not only think about how your product looks, but also the entire area around it. You can use your background to help you sell your product. You may have heard the saying:

“Don’t sell the mattress, sell a good night’s sleep.”

The same applies regardless of what you are selling. For example, don’t sell the food, sell a good time:

This photo is also great because it shows the product in the environment that it is intended to be used in. The environment of your product photo can really help customers to imagine themselves using it, which is also going to help you sell more!

Of course, it takes a lot of planning to orchestrate a shot like the above, so another idea is to create a scene yourself using props. Take a look at this photo:

Don’t just sell the poster, sell the beautiful office space.”

The photographer here has truly created a scene in which to host the product. And it makes for a more interesting photograph, which of course makes for more engaged customers!

Another popular technique is using a Bokeh background to make the product the main focus of the shot. Bokeh is a blur effect and most people use it to create a background like the one seen here:

2.Macro shots

Macro shots are super close-ups. You probably see these a lot in restaurants: a blob of butter slowly melting atop a cob of corn. These are very evocative photographs that are supposed to “awake our senses” and encourage us to buy.

Here are some examples:

Chess and playing the guitar are hobbies that have devoted followers, so macro shots like this are sure to ignite some fond memories for them that will heighten their intent to buy.

However, alongside macro shots, it’s also important to include full shots of your products. When selling online, the more information you can give to your customers, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. People want to know that what they see is what they get.

3. Place the product in the background

These are almost like the opposite of macro shots. By placing the product in the background of the shot, rather than as the main focus, you can show it in its intended environment and spark the imagination of your prospective customers.

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