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Food Styling & Photography

Intervening our love for Food & Photography, We bring theinkedPIXELS to provide you with the unseen perspective of food & photography. I, with my wife, Uma decided to experiment with our food styling and photography skills into something more meaningful.

Uma portrays her canvas of colorful ideas. She incorporated her vast knowledge about the diverse cultures and traditions in her food styling. She brought her imaginations together by subtly employing various ingredients, props in one plate and then capturing the brilliance of food.

I combined my understanding of different cuisines and the philosophies behind them which I have gained from my vast experience in hospitality management. I have an ability to capture the true beauty of food by working brilliantly behind the lenses.

“Starting from our own kitchen, We both are on a journey to take photography one step higher.”

Product Styling & Photography

Product photography has become an integral part of e-commerce and online business. We live in a visual world and we tend to purchase products which look better. Good product image captures audience attention and it is the product images which turn audience into potential customers

With the expertise in handling lenses, we capture best product angels. We use all tips and tricks to click great product photos. Keeping up with the visual power, our images communicate the bright personality of the brand and adds more appeal to it. We want people to experience the product through its images. We create a perfect and environment that resonates best with the product.

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