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Editing Plays a Very Important Role in Food and Product Photography !!

1. Colour it pretty

Black and white images can be beautiful and artistic, and they certainly have their place. But that place is rarely in product photography. For a start, a black and white image is unlikely to stand out on a page. And even if it does, at least enough for someone to click on it, it won’t show off the product in all its glory and detail as well as a colour shot. Keep your black and white snaps for your family snaps, and take your product images in colour.

In any case colour correction is a great way to improve the attractiveness of an image. GreyScaleGorilla has a nice tutorial on colour correction in Photoshop. Most photo apps on the phone have a colour correction option too.

2.Don’t crop the product

Unless you’re taking a focussed close-up, show the whole product in your image. Cutting off small parts of the product will usually look like an accident, which doesn’t make for a very professional image.

Either deliberately photograph a particular part of an item (e.g. a logo, an engraving or an embellishment) close-up or photograph the whole thing. Missing part of the necklace just makes the product not complete. The best option is to include several photos of the product, including close-ups and the whole.

3. Editing can be a bliss

Editing photographs is one of the beauties of the digital age. Cropping, retouching and editing out blemishes is all part of the job now and can add immense value to your photography. Photoshop can do amazing things and is also available as a free app on Apple and Android.

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