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Ideas For a Creative Set Design !!

Get yourself some basic colored paper sheets Get some basic color paper sheets. It is really easy to find them since you can buy different colors pretty much from every book or appliance store. Use them to create a color palette or a nice pattern of your choice that will bring up the best features of your products. You can even use the back of the paper block because it’s made of an interesting texture. You can, of course, also use a bigger paper that you can cut and use into your smaller set. They’re not really expensive, can be used multiple times in various ways and can help you achieve a ‘wow‘ effect in your photos or videos.

Get some photography backdrops You can order online some great photography backdrops - backgrounds with printed patterns of various kinds. There are plenty of websites out there who offer them for very affordable prices and make sure they’re delivered to you quickly. Experiment with a watercolor effect e.g. - that can give you a very romantic feel and a different type of vibe to your photos. 

Create a custom surface using sticky paper prints Get some vinyl sticky paper that you can stick on anything. Similar to the other papers we just mentioned, you can get your hands on these quickly after ordering them online. Just get a normal roll to begin with and test. Once you are ready to use it, just stick it on any surface so you can easily remove it and use it for other shoots. Use it to create the illusion of a surface. That way you can change decor frequently.

Use wooden boxes to create volume Get some wooden boxes and paint them in whichever colors you please. Use them to create some geometric shapes and add some unique perspective to your photo. The practical thing about them is that you can use these boxes for different sets by simply coloring a box in different shades and tones. Add this to a simple background and you have a creative visual in no time.

Use props to stack your products Use a simple wooden block to stack up against your products. Put your shoe or accessory on top of it during your photo shoot. That way you can create more depth to the image. Experiment with introducing some hooks and threads in there to create more fluid movement of elements like handles of bags e.g. Get some magnetic hooks on your set to help create the desired shape for your bags (it will help with the straps). You can use it to pair up with nylon straps to finish up your set and get your products to stick to one side.

Have fun with what you have around It’s not always necessary to go out and get some new things for your set. Try to look around you and see what you can incorporate on your set. Think something ordinary that you can find around you in order to enrich your set and get things to look more interesting. This can be anything from boxes lying around, confetti, candy, buttons or any other props you think might be an interesting addition to your set. Just to bring something fun in your shoot. For example, in the tutorial, we show how to use candy with complementary tones to add to the colors of our shoes and our background. We have a pair of pink shoes and a pink background so candy and other small props with complementing tones help create a harmonious image. As you can see there are many things that you can use to get creative on your photoshoot.

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