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Styles For E-commerce Product Photography !!

Close up, lifestyle or scale shots are great for highlighting elements of your product that you want to be noticed. If you’re a fashion brand, a lifestyle photoshoot brings your work to life. 

To pull off a well-styled product photography shoot, you need a little preparation.  

Firstly, define your style. Are you minimalist, industrial, quirky, organic? If you’re minimalist you won’t want to clutter your photos with other elements.

Pro Tip: Whatever your style is, make sure this follows through with the rest of your brand. 

Some things to consider: 

  • Know the rule of thirds. This is a simple rule is when your photograph can be evenly divided into thirds, and the main focus of your photo lies within the intersection of those lines. 

  • Demonstrate size, scale and fit by using a model. This helps people to visualise how it’ll actually look on a person.

  • Remember branding. Use colours, shapes and patterns consistent with your current branding and brand message.

  • The point is to sell your product. Don’t let anything else in the image draw attention away from what’s on offer.

  • Show off the benefits of your product. If your product can solve a problem, dedicate a photo to it doing just that.

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