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Tips to Boost Conversion in Product Photography !!

Tip 1: Trustworthy product imagery translates into trustworthy products

This shouldn’t come as a surprise - your product images should look professional and be of high quality. Clean and professional looking product photos are a must for your webshop. Make sure that the image resolution is high enough for potential customers to zoom in and engage with your visuals.  Your product imagery should describe your product at a glance. Did you know that our brains are wired to remember visual content better than text-based one? If we read something we only remember around 10% of it. So if you were looking for another reason to tell a story with your product images rather than with some dusty text-based product facts, here it is! Furthermore, use your visual content to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. As customers aren’t able to touch or try your product before purchasing it, make sure to showcase it in its best light and from all relevant angles.

Tip 2: Show the right amount of relevant shots of your product

Of course, showing the front and the back of your product is important. But on top of that, make sure to reference all relevant details that your item has to offer. Together with front and back shots, you should show at least one detail image.  Let’s say you’re shooting a leather jacket with studs, an interior pocket, and zipper accents. Your product photography should showcase each of those features, giving you a total of five product images - one of the front, one of the back, and three detail shots. To this, you can also add an additional detail shot of the fabric to show the texture or weave.  The shift towards online shopping makes the visual content on your product detail pages your virtual salesperson. Try to use your imagery to answer your customers’ questions. For example, how is this product lined? What do the closures look like? Is there any special padding or can the item be used in different ways? Try to see your product from your customer’s perspective and approach your photography from there.  Do you want to go the extra mile? Then add a lifestyle shot of your product used or worn in context. User-generated content, for example from social media, is a great tool to do so and doubles as a testimonial.

Tip3: Consistency is key

No matter how many product shots you decide on or which angles you show your products from - consistency is always key. Once you settled for a background color (we suggest white or light grey), stick with it. The same holds for your lighting settings and image styling guidelines.  Employing consistent high-quality visuals will not only help overcome potential customer hesitation but also communicates value. Due to consistent product photography, customers are able to make informed buying decisions resulting in lower return rates. Presenting your products in a consistent manner translates into trust in your brand and website, which in turn leads to a boost in conversions. 

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